Simcoe-Grey Greens

It will take everyone who believes in a sustainable future to make this happen!

Membership Drive

Now is a great time to renew your Green Party membership to ensure your voice is represented in Green provincial and federal politics. As you may have heard, the contest is on for a new leader of the Green Party of Canada. This is an important moment for any party, but as part of the rebuilding of the… Continue reading Membership Drive

Your Stories Will Help Rebuild a Strong Green Party of Canada

Learning from our past starts with listening and learning how to listen to each other better. The Lesson Learned Project, a volunteer-driven initiative, was created to help us to better prepare for successful election campaigns. We’re very excited to invite you to take part in this ground-breaking, county-wide story gathering exercise. It’s an opportunity to… Continue reading Your Stories Will Help Rebuild a Strong Green Party of Canada

Elxn43 Wrap-up

We want to thank you, our supporters, for your contribution to one of our best-ever showings in Simcoe-Grey! While voter turnout was an abysmal 43%, a record low for an Ontario election, the Green Party was the only party to increase our vote count and share. We went from 4.6% in 2018 to 6% in 2022, which led… Continue reading Elxn43 Wrap-up

Candidate Announcement

(Simcoe-Grey) [August 22, 2021] – The Simcoe-Grey Green Party Riding Association is proud to announce that Nick Clayton, of The Blue Mountains, ON, is the Green Party candidate for the 2021 federal election. Mr. Clayton, who works as a secondary school teacher in Simcoe County, will propose a positive progressive social and environmental vision for… Continue reading Candidate Announcement