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It will take everyone who believes in a sustainable future to make this happen!

On the provincial side…

Have you ever considered becoming a member of the Simcoe-Grey Green Party Constituency Association? Join the Ontario Greens | Green Party of Ontario Secure ( As a member you will be welcome to vote on our candidate in the coming provincial election as well as who sits on our executive. Or maybe you would like to… Continue reading On the provincial side…

Candidate Profile

The original article can be found at    The Simcoe-Grey Green Party candidate, Nick Clayton, is motivated to make waves this election on behalf of those who aren’t yet old enough to vote.  “As a teacher and a father, it’s my proximity to the next generation that really motivates me to act,” said Clayton.… Continue reading Candidate Profile

The Economy

Q: We are facing a massive deficit coupled with a need for a continued economic recovery effort in the wake of the pandemic. On top of that, there is a critical need for more employees in the service sectors. What will you and your party do to address the deficit, stimulate the economy and help… Continue reading The Economy

Climate Change

Q: Recently, a major scientific report warned of increasingly extreme heat waves, droughts and flooding, and a key temperature limit being broken in just over a decade. Scientists say it’s “a code red for humanity.” What tangible ways will your party address climate change in the short- and long-term?   Nick Clayton, Green: The United… Continue reading Climate Change

Affordable Housing

Q: Housing is a human necessity. But many in Simcoe-Grey are not able to afford a roof over their heads. The cost of living continues to rise while the price of housing and rent skyrockets well beyond affordability for the average person. What would your party do to address this? Nick Clayton, Green: When people… Continue reading Affordable Housing

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