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It will take everyone who believes in a sustainable future to make this happen!

Your Stories Will Help Rebuild a Strong Green Party of Canada

Learning from our past starts with listening and learning how to listen to each other better.

The Lesson Learned Project, a volunteer-driven initiative, was created to help us to better prepare for successful election campaigns. We’re very excited to invite you to take part in this ground-breaking, county-wide story gathering exercise.

It’s an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a “grassroots” Green. As a Green Party member your voice matters, and is actually critical to our rebuilding of a strong grassroots driven Green Party.

Your experiences as a Green, along with those of all Greens across this land, collectively define who we are as a community. The stories we tell contain the deep insights that, if harnessed, can effectively lead to innovative breakthroughs in how we as a party grow and become more impactful. Through these insights we can  discover new ways to organize in preparation for campaigns where we elect more Green MPs in the next election.

Here’s where you come in!

As a Green Party member, you have a fantastic opportunity to help this important project succeed.

  1. Visit the bilingual website to learn more about this new way of gathering data, or go experience the innovative story collector technology right now and in just a few minutes you will be abel to share your unique story.

  1. Forward this email to someone else you know in the Green Party and encourage them to take part as well. Even better, ask someone with a unique perspective, such as an underrepresented voice or a youth; such people are so critical to our future success.

  1. Get involved — sign up to help on this project and join the network of story gatherers

Why are we collecting stories?

Stories are fundamental to how we humans make meaning of our lives. They’re how we form memories and make sense of our life experience—how we establish social bonds and unite around common purpose. This story gathering “un-survey” will enable us to discover patterns we’ve never been able to identify through traditional surveys.

Thank you if you decide to take part. If you need any help or guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out through social media channels, website, or email.

With Gratitude,

The Simcoe-Grey Green Team

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