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Elxn43 Wrap-up

We want to thank you, our supporters, for your contribution to one of our best-ever showings in Simcoe-Grey! While voter turnout was an abysmal 43%, a record low for an Ontario election, the Green Party was the only party to increase our vote count and share. We went from 4.6% in 2018 to 6% in 2022, which led Mike Schreiner to proclaim that ”Greens are here to stay!”. The Green wave is going to continue growing as our message resonates with more and more people like you who want to put people & planet at the top of the agenda, and realize the other major parties are not going to deliver the change we need. 

Our candidate, Allan Kuhn, ran an energetic campaign connecting with people across the riding, and across the political spectrum. He was able to garner the highest vote count since Mike Schreiner himself ran here in 2011! Allan is already planning for the next election, and will continue to build a “big tent” base who want a regenerative, affordable, healthy, prosperous and green Simcoe-Grey.

There are many ways to support Green politics. Thank you for displaying a lawn sign, attending an event, taking a friend with you to vote, volunteering to canvass, having difficult conversations, and just being ’Green’ yourself. We see you, we appreciate you, and we value your continued support of our shared vision for a prosperous, caring, and “climate-safe” future.

We are active year-round, so please do stay connected with us for important updates and opportunities as we hold the PC government to account, continue to fight for the people and places we love, and build momentum to the 2025 federal election.

Best Wishes,

Your Simcoe-Grey Green Team

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