Simcoe-Grey Greens

It will take everyone who believes in a sustainable future to make this happen!

On the provincial side…

Have you ever considered becoming a member of the Simcoe-Grey Green Party Constituency Association? Join the Ontario Greens | Green Party of Ontario Secure (

As a member you will be welcome to vote on our candidate in the coming provincial election as well as who sits on our executive.

Or maybe you would like to volunteer or be a member of our executive and participate in positive change here in Simcoe-Grey : Get involved with the Ontario Greens (

Or run as a candidate : Become a Candidate for the Green Party of Ontario (

As a voting member you will also have the opportunity to have your say on policy changes and leadership at the provincial level.  

If not us, then who?  The CA plays a vital role in the continued growth of the Green Party of Ontario.  As a local CA, we have big plans and we need members who are eager to see real political change.

If you are interested in any of the position’s listed below please reach out through email at

Thank you for your Green support!

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