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Candidate Announcement

Nick Clayton with green background

(Simcoe-Grey) [August 22, 2021] – The Simcoe-Grey Green Party Riding Association is proud to announce that Nick Clayton, of The Blue Mountains, ON, is the Green Party candidate for the 2021 federal election.


Mr. Clayton, who works as a secondary school teacher in Simcoe County, will propose a positive progressive social and environmental vision for Simcoe-Grey while holding the Liberal minority government accountable for insufficient action on key issues.


“My 3 children, along with my proximity to the next generation through my work as a teacher, have instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility, and that is what motivates me to strive for a sustainable future for the residents of Simcoe-Grey.” stated Nick Clayton, in his personal declaration.


A husband and a father to three, Mr. Clayton earned his B.Ed. from O.I.S.E. and studied music at the University of Toronto. Nick has been a resident of The Blue Mountains for 12 years. He is hopeful his family will have a prosperous future here, and believes that through a transparent representative like himself, more families will feel optimistic for their future as well.

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  1. Hello Mr Clayton

    What are the key issues that matter to you?
    What, would you say, are the key issues that matter to the people in your community?

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